PR for ME

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Public Relations – for me – would be the process of managing the flow of information between myself and my publics.  So, my public (that’s you) here are my key messages. These are the truths I want you to understand about me as an individual.

Hard working and enthusiastic – I am willing to put in the extra hours when needed during critical assignments. I am energized in fast paced and challenging environments and always willing to assist when needed.

High-quality writing ability – I have written multiple press releases, opinion editorials, letters to the editor, and language for corporate and promotional client materials.

Committed – I see my work through from beginning to end and take pride in the quality of finished products.  I takes ownership in my assignments and always seek clear direction in order to put forth my greatest effort and produce the best results.

Quick learner –
I can quickly become well acclimated to different environments and cultures.  I rapidly catch onto assignments and blend well in a productive corporate environment.

Creative contributor – I am able to contribute to discussion and brainstorming efforts in regards to strategic marketing endeavors, promotional pieces, re-branding projects and community outreach challenges.

Team player –
I work well in collaboration with others and show good team player skill. I add to a team with forward thinking initiative which pushes the team to strive for cutting edge and up-to-date expertise and method.

Strives for improvement – I am always eager to advance and improve my skill set and experience. I take constructive criticism well, recognizing analysis as opportunity for growth and learning.




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2 responses to “PR for ME

  1. Very well written points. It’s always difficult to write about yourself…if you can keep that confidence and present it humbly you’re set!

  2. Why is it so tough for PR people to write about themselves? I can only do it in the third person, making me sound like a self-absorbed jackass. Well…maybe that’s correct.

    Loved your points!

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