Layoffs. No one likes them.  And currently, an overwhelming amount of people are experiencing this unfortunate life changing event. Who can you blame?  It is usually not to the fault of the individual employees or the company that is forced to cut expenses, and therefore people. The truth is that it is a nasty, uncomfortable and sometimes heartbreaking experience for all involved.  No more fun for the upper management that delivers the news than it is for those whose ears it falls on.

Unemployment in California rose for a fifth straight month to 7.7% in August, and economists predicted that a recovery wouldn’t come soon, given the depth of the Wall Street financial crisis.  Under these present circumstances, in our poor economy (that doesn’t seem to be yet improving) this has become a first hand experience for me.  Six months out of College, and all revved up from an amazing jump start into the field of public relations at successful and well awarded full-service public affairs firm in San Diego, I found my beloved new career screeching to a halt.

I am confident that layoffs are a reflection of the economy, not a reflection of my ability.  Companies are sometimes forced to make tough decisions, in the fairest manner possible.  Last one in, first one out. – These have all become common phrases in the explanation of my current situation… unemployment. (Ouch, painful words.) (And may I take this opportunity to say that I have the utmost respect for my former employer and continue to be grateful for my time and experience.)  The question is — what now? I know I’m not alone today when I attempt to answer that question for myself.  With a positive attitude, a pro-active approach, and energized at the prospect of being able to reach out for new and different opportunities, you simply put one foot in front of the other.  In my brother Ryan’s words… you stay active.  Always be doing something, and you’ll be doing something right. Be forward thinking, forward moving and looking forward. (Only look back when delving into past experiences for interview material.) I am confident that the talent and experience that I hold will take me great places, and I see this current situation as one of opportunity.

Right now, I don’t know exactly what is next but one truth remains, I’m excited for what is to come.



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4 responses to “Layoffs

  1. Taylor- I have a lot of respect for the candid nature of your post. You have a challenge ahead of you but from the looks of it you’re well on your way to overcoming the challenge. Best of luck!

  2. “I am confident that layoffs are a reflection of the economy, not a reflection of my ability.”

    That is a fantastic attitude, and I am certain, also true! Ryan also gives great advise “stay active”.

    This economic downturn is likely to be here a while, so we (all who are out of work) need to keep a healthy attitude, and focus.

    Use your downtime to blog, become a SME – get your name out there. As you are already doing, leverage social networks. Do some free work for charities…

    I know none of this pays the bills, but I think you are thus far going down the right roads. Good luck, and thanks for a great blog post.

  3. Larry McKeogh

    Following up on @A_F’s tweet: yes, it is a tough spot to be in right now. I am going on my 5th month at this point. There will be some light and dark patches before you get back on track. During the low points re-read your post above since it is sound logic. Good luck to you!

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