Brand Perception: It’s important and here’s why.

Brand perception is incredibly important right now because in this economy consumers are reluctant to buy. They want a brand that they can trust, they know they are getting value from,  and a brand that cares abot them and interacts with them as a customer.  Taking these steps towards building a strong brand reputation via the social web is a big step.   People are purchasing trustworthy brands and seeking out product information to make the best economic decisions. Public relations is the key to garnering this consumer trust.

If public relations can save the day by setting up a strong brand image, a big part of this will mean building an online community – which is a great way to converse with your customers.  It all depends on what you want you’re brand to say. Think about it this way if you could lift your logo and have invisible tag-lines/messages underneath what would they be? What do you want your brands image to communicate to the customer who may be hesitant to buy/trust/get on board? Here are some important underlying themes that I believe brands should adopt (right now especially) in order to be successful with their customers in this economy:

– Your brand should care about the customers.
– Your brand should reach out to them online through your network/community.
– Your brand should take the time to listen to it’s customers/users and hear what suggestions and feedback they might have. USE Twitter, Facebook, forums, whatever just GET INTERACTIVE (they are plenty of outlets).

Brand perception is the key to success.  It’s all about whether or not the customer can see value in your product.  Your job is to see that they do see value and can trust you/your brand.  What extra steps do you think can be made to encourage the trust and loyalty of your consumers by improving the overall perception of your personal brand?



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2 responses to “Brand Perception: It’s important and here’s why.

  1. tdhurst

    Yes! People buy from people they trust. They ask their friend’s opinions, and genuinely like getting to know people.

    The days of a brand dictating what people want are over (save for a few super-cool companies like Apple) and the time for trust is upon us.

  2. One of the hallmarks of a great brand is consistency. The brand promise and guarantee are important in developing brand loyalty. In great economic times many businesses can thrive, but when times are tough the cream rises to the top. Positioning your brand as one that cares and delivers on their brand promise is vital.

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