7 Interesting Things About Me

Usually I try to keep this blog professional, forward thinking, proactive (for myself), and use it mainly to impart knowledge on the topics that I myself am dabbling in and learning about.  However — this was too much fun of an opportunity to pass up…. David Mullen recent tagged me in a post as one of seven people that he finds  interesting. (I’m interesting — go figure!)  So here are seven things you didn’t know about me…

1.  I went skydiving out of helicopter in Interlocken, Switzerland. By far the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Amazing life changing experience.  If you haven’t been skydiving yet – no excuses – DO IT.  And if anyone out there is reading this and wants to pay the mula for me to do it in San Diego, I’d do it in a heartbeat!

2. I’m religious. I was raised in a Christian home, and in my adult life my faith is something personal and dear to me. I believe in Jesus Christ and am always pushing to make fellowship, service, and missions  a bigger part of my life.  Also – I go to the Rock Church in San Diego.

3.  I have a severe obsession with colored post-it’s and school/office supplies in general. Sharpie color packs, tabs, highlighters, etc.

4. I once got in trouble for vandalism at a Family Camp when I was in Junior High. My girl friends and I decorated an old shack by campsite to be our Girls Club with do-a-dot markers, and our intentions were  misinterpreted to say the least.

5.  I dream of devoting my life to helping others — or what it would be like if I could quit my job and move to a third world country where they struggle with food, clothing, shelter — the basics of survival . One day – when I am more financial stable – I hope to be able to do this, spend all my time, energy and money on service to those who struggle with these life essentials.

6. I adore my family.  I have the most talented, hilarious, and fun-to-be-around older brother and younger sister, and I couldn’t ask for better parents if I made them up myself. My mom is a role model to say the least, a incredibly compassionate woman and faithful and loyal friend. My dad is more hard-working, dedication, dependable than almost anyone I know. I’m incredibly lucky.

7.  Movies are a huge passion of mine. I had an emphasis on film studies in college and enjoyed classes such as Italian Cinema.  One of my all time favorite movies  is The Pursuit of Happyness, it’s an incredible movie based on a real story in which Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, a homeless man  struggling to live with his 5-year old son in San Francisco who later becomes a self-made millionaire.  It’s an amazing story (and Will Smith is incredible in it).

Well, I hope that wasn’t too painful for anyone! Now, according to the rules — here are seven people to participate in the next round that I think are interesting and would love to know more about.

Andrew Finkle

Crosby Noricks

Ryan Graves

Sarah Essary

Justin Thorp

Eric Imbs

Devin Brown

The rules are:

  • Link your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged
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    4 responses to “7 Interesting Things About Me

    1. It’s like old school chain-letters/myspace surveys…for grown-ups! =)

      You are, in fact, quite an interesting lady.

      Great post!


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    3. devinkb

      Great. Now I have to find a whole seven things that are interesting about me…

      Once I get to about the third thing even I start to lose interest!

      Thanks for the link. I’ll try to find SOMETHING… I guess we’ll see.

      Take care.

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