Hard working and enthusiastic – I am willing to put in the extra hours when needed during critical assignments. I am energized in fast paced and challenging environments and always willing to assist when needed.

High-quality writing ability – I have written multiple press releases, opinion editorials, letters to the editor, and language for corporate and promotional client materials.

Committed – I see my work through from beginning to end and take pride in the quality of finished products.  I take ownership in my assignments and always seek clear direction in order to put forth my greatest effort and produce the best results.

Quick learner –
I can quickly become well acclimated to different environments and cultures.  I rapidly catch onto assignments and blend well in a productive corporate environment.

Creative contributor – I am able to contribute to discussion and brainstorming efforts in regards to strategic marketing endeavors, promotional pieces, re-branding projects and community outreach challenges.

Team player –
I work well in collaboration with others including showing good team player skill. I add to a team with forward thinking initiative which pushes the team to strive for cutting edge and up-to-date expertise and method.

Strives for improvement – I am always eager to advance and improve my skill set and experience. I take constructive criticism well, recognizing analysis as opportunity for growth and learning.


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  1. …just read your html-tweet. Tell me about it! And tell me when you have any ideas or clues, you could explain it to me…kidding. I guess i’ll have to figure it out myself.
    But seriously, you’ve got a great website, looks really good!

    A ‘hey’ from Germany,


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