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I watched this video of CD Vann of SOHO Magazine and SOHObiztube.com on ActionsTalk.com, and had to share it with you. I especially appreciate the beginning of the interview when CD explains how she started her magazine, SOHO Magazine out of Milwaukee.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, ActionsTalk is a site that helps bring attention to start up businesses. They have helped cultivate startup communities in non-hub cities. It consist of Ryan Graves and Blake Samic, it’s great to hear the stories of successful and up an coming business people via ActionsTalk.

“Goals are dreams we convert to plans and take action to fulfill.” – Zig Ziglar

Cd’s story of how she started SOHO Magazine and SOHObiztube.com, and this quote really highlight how important it is to turn goals into movement. Cd was lucky she had her friend George to push her to take action on a dream that she had been holding onto for over a year. As we just finished talking about New Years Resolutions, and setting high goals, it’s so so important for us to remember that writing down goals on a post it and sticking them to our monitor is only going to get a so far.  These plans and good intentions that will all have are nothing without our actions and movement. Don’t wait for a friend to put you out there and push you into action, because it may not happen.  We aren’t all as lucky to have people like that in our lives. Don’t wait to share your ideas with someone, and don’t wait to act on them.  Done is better than perfect.” Set your plan, and take action on your goals. You can always adjust later.  I think this applies to companies that hesitate to launch new endeavors, because they are unsure of the chances for sucess or the ROI on their idea. It can apply to industries being shy about taking on new methods and techniques, and sticking to traditional ways as a default.  It can apply to your position and work, and never presenting your great ideas to your team because you’re nervous about how it will be received.   Just think… if everyone who had great ideas always shared them, how many more success stories would there be? If Blake and Ryan hadn’t acted on their dream of ActionsTalk.com, they and I wouldn’t be able to share Cd’s story with you.

So as you log your dreams and goals this January, ask yourself how long you’ve been wanting these things — and what is taking you so long to put the first food forward.



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Unveil your ideas, be ready to act on them.

I don’t normally buy into fortune cookies or any of that jazz, but last week I received a fortune that I now count as one of my life motto’s.  (True story: the fortune is tucked on the dash in my car, and has been for weeks). The fortune read, “Unveil your ideas, be ready to act on them.” Really it is more like advice than a fortune, and maybe that’s why it stuck with me. I think that life, career, ambition, and achievement are very centered around the idea of finding simple phrases and ideas such as this and letting them drive you towards you next goal, your next benchmark, and the inspiration that they provide move you forward. In the past couple weeks this phrase has been at the back of my mind as a motivator for me. Rather than keeping my ideas to myself, or simply keeping them scribbled in my massive and overly highlighted notebook — share them, speak up, UNVEIL them. But once you do this, be prepared, (never too prepared) have actions in mind, know the next steps ahead of time — and use your ideas to spur MOVEMENT in your company, in your brand, in your career, in your life.

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