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Smile, and The Whole World Smiles With You

According to a recent article on Yahoo! Finance by Laura Rowley The study by researchers at Harvard University and the University of California San Diego found that happiness is contagious: A friend who lives within a mile and becomes happy increases the probability that you’ll become happy by 25 percent; a next-door neighbor’s joy raises the probability by 34 percent; and a gleeful spouse who lives with you ups the probability by 8 percent.  Turns out, during these rough times when so many people are done, worried, financially stressed, you name it… all you need to do to get happy is find the happy people. We all know laughter is contagious, and it’s hard to be grumpy around truly joyful people – so really these statistics shouldn’t come as a surprise.

When you ask my dad how he’s doing, he will often respond, “never been better”. He recently let me in on a little secret… he often says this when it is not quite the case. The fact is, the more positive and upbeat you express you are, the more positive and upbeat you will feel.  Tell enough people your fabulous tomorrow… when they inquire, and hey… maybe you’ll feel fabulous by the end of the day.  Couldn’t hurt right? Now… go get happy.



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