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Economic effect on the PR job market

jobsclassifieds-main_fullThe economic effect on the PR industry has completely flipped the conditions of job searching in this business in the past 12 months. Last year the demand for PR Pro’s was enormous and showed no signs of slowing. Now in 2008, the market is slowing and firms are forced to downsize their expectations as well as their salaries, their bonuses, and in some unfortunate cases, their staff. However, what I would like to focus on is that despite the number of companies find themselves cutting back, there are still others looking for new talent and that means there are jobs out there.

PR Newswire encourages us to energize our job search in this tough economy because companies are still searching for qualified candidates even as the country faces these economic uncertainties and a tighter labor market. Nearly half of HR managers are saying they have had to broaden the circle in which they look for qualified candidates in order to bring new talent in the door.  According to the the 2008 PR Career Guide, on the agency side, executives say that the softening of the economy has had it’s effects on the job market meaning new opportunities to bring on board the right staff. Maybe it’s not a loose loose situation after all.

Yes, we hear comments and new statistics everyday about what the economy is doing to the PR job market, “people are looking for work… the quantity of resumes is greater than I’ve seen in some time.” – Jason Maloni VP, Levick Strategic Communications. But the truth is, despite this economic slow down, there ARE jobs out there, certain companies ARE still looking, and the challenge is not WHERE to find a job, but HOW to find the job that does exist.

PR Newswire suggests the following four steps to get us started.

1. Get online now
2. Network Network Network
3. Keep your ears open for opportunity at your current employer
4. Call on the professionals — ask your professional network for referrals


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