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New Years Resolutions – Think Big This Year!

I’ve been thinking a lot about new years resolutions lately (obviously), and trying to find the time to write an amazing post about the new years resolutions we all make and break each January. I wanted to develop some thoughts on how we actually accomplish our goals this year- and make resolutions we can stick with. But I’ve been realizing how many people will tell you to tone down your resolutions to make them REACH-ABLE, DO-ABLE, and REALISTIC.  So I’ve changed my thinking, and I say… what fun are goals if they are easily within your reach??

I wanted to take a minute to encourage you all to fight that mind set this year. Don’t move your goals inside the box so that they are attainable. Better to make an unreachable goal and get closer to it, than to set one below the bar, and cheat yourself out of that “ah-ha” sense of accomplishment that makes it all worth it.  This new years – set a HIGH goal, give yourself a goal you may never quite reach, and then push yourself to get as close to it as you can. Baby steps are fine, that’s often necessary, and I’m not knocking the reach-able goals but they need to lead to something more, something big this year. It’s 2009!!

What’s something you think you’ll never be able to do? For me it’s run a marathon. Maybe I’ll run a 10K early this year, and if I get really ambitious maybe by next December I can find the time to train for a half. Friends… lets be honest — I may never run a marathon in my life, but if I set that as a goal this year (despite the fact that I’m completely convinced that I can’t) maybe I’ll get a little closer to it than I would otherwise.

This new years, think big! Be forward thinking and postive. Give yourself a good goal this time around, and then lets see how close you can get to it in ’09.  We may surprise ourselves.


I wanted to add to my “new years post”  after reading a great post by my brother Ryan. He writes about how important it is to acknowlege the lessons that 2008 tought us. I commented on his post by reflecting on the important lesson that I have learned this year, going through a layoff and finding new employment. 

A big lesson for me in 2008: Stay Active– if you’re always doing something, you’ll be doing something right!

I learned that if you remember that you’re awesome  and you keep confidence and positivity close. Keep your “inner drive” going, if you will, then you’ll land in a good spot! I learned so much this year about motivation, about going after something that you want, about how much a mind set can change your situation, and how important it is to stay positive and forward thinking AND moving.  I love to chat about the truths I learned this year, mostly in the past 3 months.

2008 was a good year. Ryan’s post is a great reminder to take it’s lessons with us into 2009!!



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Layoffs. No one likes them.  And currently, an overwhelming amount of people are experiencing this unfortunate life changing event. Who can you blame?  It is usually not to the fault of the individual employees or the company that is forced to cut expenses, and therefore people. The truth is that it is a nasty, uncomfortable and sometimes heartbreaking experience for all involved.  No more fun for the upper management that delivers the news than it is for those whose ears it falls on.

Unemployment in California rose for a fifth straight month to 7.7% in August, and economists predicted that a recovery wouldn’t come soon, given the depth of the Wall Street financial crisis.  Under these present circumstances, in our poor economy (that doesn’t seem to be yet improving) this has become a first hand experience for me.  Six months out of College, and all revved up from an amazing jump start into the field of public relations at successful and well awarded full-service public affairs firm in San Diego, I found my beloved new career screeching to a halt.

I am confident that layoffs are a reflection of the economy, not a reflection of my ability.  Companies are sometimes forced to make tough decisions, in the fairest manner possible.  Last one in, first one out. – These have all become common phrases in the explanation of my current situation… unemployment. (Ouch, painful words.) (And may I take this opportunity to say that I have the utmost respect for my former employer and continue to be grateful for my time and experience.)  The question is — what now? I know I’m not alone today when I attempt to answer that question for myself.  With a positive attitude, a pro-active approach, and energized at the prospect of being able to reach out for new and different opportunities, you simply put one foot in front of the other.  In my brother Ryan’s words… you stay active.  Always be doing something, and you’ll be doing something right. Be forward thinking, forward moving and looking forward. (Only look back when delving into past experiences for interview material.) I am confident that the talent and experience that I hold will take me great places, and I see this current situation as one of opportunity.

Right now, I don’t know exactly what is next but one truth remains, I’m excited for what is to come.


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