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I decided to take a minute to highlight my latest endeavor, joining the team at SocialDreamium. SocialDreamium is a privately-held Milwaukee-based company committed to building strong web-based communities centered around a companies products and services.  Started in October of last year by my brother Ryan Graves, and quickly expanding. I jumped on board a little over a month ago to help author the blog, (Get Audience, Get Going, where you will often see my posts from this site as well), assist with client writing (as we start to build a client base), and editorial assistance to what eventually will be a SocialDreamium book entitled,”The Dream in Action”. (I’ll keep you posted!)

At SocialDreamium, we believe in the power of the collective social web. It’s what we love and have a passion for, and want to help others understand.. and then utilize for their brand.  We also love people and we see the internet as a way to meet more people and create value for these businesses. We work to create two way relationships and conversation between our clients and their customers.  I hav posted before about online communities, and what that means. SocialDreamium dives into this concept and works to first create and then managing these communities. It is so much about listening and contributing to the networks that exist, and we help our companies to do this. We also help companies to develop a successful blog for their brand and build a social web presence that they can stand on.  Through these outlets we allow our clients to grow a relationship with their customers.  We also now have a larger team that allows us to build web based software to help you manage your community.  Currently, the SocialDreamium team is made up of Ryan (in Milwaukee), David Abrahams and Dien Nguyen in Sydney, Australia and myself in San Diego. We’re still growing and looking for great writers and developers to join our ranks…(e-mail taylor@socialdreamium.com)

SocialDreamium currently has a working relationship with SOHO Magazine (out of Milwauke), and our clientel includes of SOHObiztube.com and budgetpulse.com — check ’em out! It’s all very exciting I know… just wanted to keep you all in the know, and I will keep you posted as this exciting new start up gains speed!


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Ghost Blogging: What do YOU think?

One of the things that surprised my brother, Ryan, when he got a glimpse into my job at a PR firm here in San Diego was the normality of ghost writing. He thought it seemed dishonest. It’s an interesting practice that does seem pretty dishonest. (Probably because it is!) As someone who has a passion for A. writing and B. public relations, I have done my fair share of writing for other bylines. There are perks and pains to this. It’s a great way to get writing experience as a newbie in the industry (I should know) and it’s also a fabulous way to watch your writing get ripped apart by those whose edits you can learn so much from (again… I should know). The downside — you would love to take that op-ed you spent days and days editing and use it has a writing sample wouldn’t you? Too bad. Technically, it’s not officially written by you (but rather someone who didn’t see it until it’s final draft). The reality is that ghost writing is going to happen whether we agree with it or not. And I’m not trying to bash a common practice of the an industry I obviously support, I’m just being honest here. (One of my goals for this blog, keeping it honest!) Just because ghost writing is an effective way to accomplish many many goals we set in PR for our clients, doesn’t make it an honest practice. The bottom line is, when someone attaches their byline to words they are saying they agree and can call the words their own — and in this, some honesty is regained. There will always be people that we want to hear from who are simply too busy to get their words out there frequently and ghost writing is part of closing that gap.

Now, when we take that concept of ghost writing and apply it to blogs, do our feelings about it change at all? Is it okay for a team/staff to blog for their company’s CEO? It’s fairly common that bloggers are getting jobs writing blog posts for corporate executives too busy or inarticulate to do it themselves.  So are we learning to accept this? My thoughts are this: What if we want to hear from someone who just doesn’t have the time to connect with us on a daily basis?  Wouldn’t we willingly accept a briefing from their staff or team? After all, who better to tell us what Barama was up leading up to the election than his campaign manager?

While my thoughts, opinion and research on this subject are not even close to being decided or completed… for now my consensus is this: there is a middle ground.  For now I’d have to semi-disagree with this angle of thought — Rory Cellan-Jones quotes Tom Coats in The Business of Blogging, “The value of having a blog as an executive is to have a conversation with the people who use your products, to be part of the community and to talk honestly. To have it ghost-written is utterly pointless.”  I think that while it is extremely important for company or brand’s blogs to maintain an honest and authentic tone the main thing is that the CONTENT of the blog needs to come from Barama himself. However, if our president elect is dictating/interviewing with a staffer who then takes it to the keyboard… if that’s what it takes to get the content and info to me. I’ll take it.

But… what do YOU think???


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